Learning Overview

As Star Journey Symbol Method is truly a unique tool, it is best understood initially from direct experience. Once a person has the first hand experience with the Symbols and related techniques, then the many facets of Star Journey – as a model and and as tool – become clearer and more relevant. Therefore our learning programs are broad and diverse. Educational programs include:

  • Workhops and Seminars
  • Presentations at National Conferences
  • Peer Review and Other Articles, Papers, etc.
  • Longer term, indepth Classes


Varied Formats

Star Journey can be presented in several different formats or in combinations. These include on-site presentation, also teachiing online through several newer webinar-type technologies, and well as a virtual world format which provides an interactive and immersive experience while particpating remotely.









On-site Presentations – First-hand experiential use of the system, via Star Journey cards, chart, books, and/or online tools of the same. This format also includes lecture, use of colorful presentation graphics, audience interaction and group discussion and sharing of ideas.

Online Workshops – There are options of methods that include screen-sharing using online tools with groups of up to 250 people in real time through services such as Join.me meeting software. There is also live stream broadcasting of sessions being held at Star Journey in its virtual world format. The web channel “Star Journey Live” airs these sessions for viewing on the internet from the convenience of one’s home, and it includes a chat window for live audience participation. In addition, aired sessions become part of the channel’s video library, which allows for asynchronous learning.

Virtual World Platform – This is the most engaging and interactive option for experiencing and learning about Star Journey method; however, one must register and learn how to operate in the virtual world environment. On-site sessions can be supplemented by adding the virtual world component using the internet and a projection screen. In addition, Star Journey works with other schools and groups in the virtual world to conduct its teaching there, often producing videos of sessions or specific presentations for later viewing on the internet. Also, Star Journey Academy conducts its weekly in-depth classes in the virtual world format.


Teaching Approaches

Experiential learning, learning from direct experience and reflection is a powerful vehicle for delivering knowledge and gaining understanding. Experiential learning is one key aspect of teaching the Star Journey method, that is to use the tools and relate to its concepts through direct experience as well as through dialogue with others.

The processes involved in using Star Journey symbols draw on a number of various mental functions, all of which create experiential discovery and refection about real life situations. The exploration of images and metaphor relates to non-linear aspects of mental processing which are believed to be older, more basic parts of the brain and which connect to an experience of life that is free from cognitive mental bias.

Three-dimensional teachingis another key aspect of how Star Journey is learned. Many ancient teachings involve a 3-dimensional aspect, having a correlation with the physical world and with the construct of the human body, in other words the multiple “dimensionality” can make these higher concepts more real. Some examples are Tibetan mandalas, the chakra system, also the Western labyrinth, and native American Indian medicive paintings.

Star Journey builds on these traditions, with the dimensional geometry of its Circle Pattern, with combinations of physical and online and smart phone formats, and certainly with its 3-dimensional version in the virtual world.


Workshops Brochure














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