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IEEE "Learning Technology" newsletter,
published by Technical Committee on Learning Technology
Volume 13 Issue 4, October 2011, 27-29


Virtual World Enriches the Learning Experience of a Self-development Tool

A special issue of the IEEE Learning Technology newsletter focused on innovative learning methods in the virtual world environment. An article on Star Journey, and the special learning experience it affords, was one of twelve peer articles chosen for publication in the issue just released for October 2011.

The Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers is a worldwide society, and its Technical Committee on Learning Technology publishes the bi-monthly journal. The special theme was "Virtual Worlds for Academic, Organizational, and Life-Long Learning."

Star Journey provides visitors and students a unique interactive and immersive experience. The 3-D environment was the ideal medium for combining the system's two main components, the set of symbols and a map of their inter-connections, into a three-dimensional island. Here one explores peaceful Gardens, Seas and Stars in the sky above -- all while learning the use of this tool for self-reflection and personal development.

A significant part of this article was a case study of one woman's experience using the "Goal Journey" technique. Her story, her journey, is typical of the kind of insightful and life-affirming experience one can have with Star Journey. This student had such a vivid and positive experience, she created an artwork to show how she used symbols to envision her outcome. Read the full article for the rest of her story.


Graduate Essays

Four Masters Essays on Star Journey Method

In 2012, Richard Geer received his Masters degree in Spirituality and Holistic Health from Holos University. As a requirement, Richard wrote a series of four scholarly essays, each one exploring a different aspect of the Star Journey Symbol Method. These are:


1. Star Journey – Cosmological Model

2. Star Journey – Practical Tool for Self-Reflection

3. Unique Applications and Uses of Star Journey Method

4. Learning & Evolving – Future Directions for Star Journey


Also see tthese Essays on Holos University website, Resaerch Papers 2012 :


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