Free Educational Sessions


Join us at one of our ongoing series of free talks and workshops. Three types of sessions
are held each week, conducted in the virtual world format of Star Journey in Second Life.


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Free Weekly Sessions



Star Journey Meditation Series – "Exploring the Dynamics of Consciousness"

Enjoy a relazing and meditation to increase awareness through attention to the five sesnes. Then move on to explore greater patterns and cycles around us. The gudied session will focus on one of the seven Levels of Consciousness as defined by Star Journey's Circle Pattern map of consciousness. You'll learn about a particular level and explore the ways you experience this in your own daily life. Twelve session series, attend them all!


What is Star Journey?

Attend this session if you want to know what Star Journey symbol method is all about and what it's used for. How does it relate to other systems of meaning? How is it used to solve problems, explore relationships and create a better understanding of your own experience. Learn how Star Journey will help tap into intuition and one's inner awareness.










How-to Sessions

Learn the nitty-gritty of how to play Star Journey's own series of "games of meaning." You'll lean about the 3-symbol Goal Journey, also the Relationship Linking game as well as the new Transition Journey, designed to help people manage change through any transition they are facing in life. Hands on learning with plenty of time for questions and discussion.


For those attending using a Second Life viewer, use the Landmark below to arrive at a central landing point. Then follow the stars on the ground to that session's meeting area.


Please note: Sessions are led using voice in Second Life. Feel free to type
or voice comments or questions. Also, be sure to have Voice Chat enabled in
System Preferences and preferrably test your audio settings in advance.