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July 5, 2016

Your ability to influence may be greater than you think. In all of us are qualities like those symbolized by The Crown in Star Journey. This is the symbol of true leadership and guidance, of providing direction that comes straight from the heart. People listen to what you say, what you think, no matter what it may seem. Know that by your own sincere striving to be good, others see, hear, and take heed. The truer you are to your path, the more valued you are as a leader for others.  



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Check out the article/post written by Lorraine Charron in her blog Virtual World Educator which ran April 15:

Read the full article

Lorraine did a great interview as we chatted about the re-imagining of Star Journey in its virtual world format and some other key aspects about using the tool.

Many thanks, Lorraine!


Richard Geer
April 18, 2016 - 14:27



HELP CELEBRATE THE RE-DESIGN OF THIS WELL-KNOWN ISLAND – A project that spanned 15 months has yielded an incredibly vibrant and appealing new look at Star Journey in Second Life! See all the details on the dedicated website: 

Don't miss the music or the friends and fun, see you there!

Richard Geer
April 15, 2016 - 18:27

Check out the video of STARS opening event November 24, which featured the soulful singer Maxx Sabretooth. The video was produced by Fuschia Nightfire (UK artist Nina Camplin). Not only is she a first class videographer, she's also the designer of the futuristic STARS club. Hope you enjoy.

For more, see club website:

Thank you Nina!!

Richard Geer
December 8, 2013 - 15:55















ENJOY MUSIC AND DANCING AT STARS ROMANTIC DANCE CLUB. We built a special club with you in mind, lovers of music and romantic dancing in Second Life. Singles and couples are welcome. Meet new friends at the Wine bar. Listen to live music and DJs, plus a continuous romantic music stream. Attire is formal or casual, it’s all about you.

Enjoy breathtaking views of Star Journey sim. And visit these cool areas:

  Cozy dance spots up in the sky in the Stars

  Chapel and Reception area for that special wedding
  12 Art Galleries showing great art of all kinds by Second Life artists

Outside the club, take a stroll onto the beach area and Tiki Bar. Or walk further and explore the inspirational Gardens and Seas that make up Star Journey sim.

**STARS** features a wide variety of smooth romantic music. This includes Jazz, R&B, Soul, Latin, Romance and Ballroom music. We host the top DJs and best live performers. You’ll also enjoy the best dance animations.

For more information, check out the wesbite for STARS club:

Also, join STARS Fans page on Facebook:

We look forward to seeing all you in Second Life at the new **STARS**!


**STARS** club was designed and built in Second Life by UK artist Nina Camplin. She created a most unique atmosphere, both contemporary and with a romantic feel.

Nina’s website:

YouTube Video Gallery:
Richard Geer
November 6, 2013 - 12:57





















We've just rolled out another helpful tool on the website! Use the new TRANSITION JOURNEY to aid in dealing with any situation in your life that involves change. 

Explore where you currently are (I AM) and where you want to be (I WANT). Discover what is HELPING and what is DISTRACTING you from your goal. Follow the steps of the Guided Process in User Guide to builld your own interpretation and develop a plan of action for attaining what you seek. A sample Journey is shown above, but users get their own unique set of symbols when they click the DEAL button.

Also, you can "Save to My Diary" a record of any Transition Journey you do ... plus add notes and journaling. The "Diary of Discovery" now has the option to Share a record with a friend, via email or posting on Facebook or other social media. (You can even change your mind later, and un-share a record.)

We think you'll really enjoy this new tool available for Inner Circle members. Remember, the first 30 days of membership are free, then a modest $2.99 per month thereafter. You may cancel at any time. If you have any questiond or concerns, please Contact us to assist.



Richard Geer
April 9, 2013 - 13:29

The virtual world format has been the launching pad for the new series Star Journey Meditations. The video here shows the session on Signs of Personal Fulfillment, held in Second Life (SL) February 24. This was part of the kick off to promote the 2013 educational sessions taught from Star Journey island in SL. For more on the new line-up, see Workshops.

Richard Geer
March 20, 2013 - 13:39

Friends of Star Journey in virtual world Second Life had the great pleasure of hearing songs from Broadway singer/songwriter Tamra Hayden on February 24. Tamra's performance was a part of a kick off event to promote the 2013 revamped educational sessions at Star Journey island. For the new line-up, see Workshops.

Many, many thanks to Tamra for her thoughtful and moving performance. We were all so delighted! Thanks, too, to our friend Nina Camplin UK artist who filmed this very fine video!

Richard Geer
March 8, 2013 - 11:57

With thanks to the amazing and multi-talented artist Nina Camplin of the UK, there is a new video on Star Journey. This one showcases the version created in the virtual world of Second Life. This expression of Richard Geer's tool for self-reflection is a very novel step, even in the creative environment of virtual spaces. The Star Journey symbols and Circle Pattern have merged forming an interactive landscape, one filled with 3D symbols that are discovered among a setting of beautiful and inspirational gardens and seas.

Shawn Haynes
February 28, 2013 - 11:50


April – Part One!

For Star Journey's Richard Geer, the month started on a wonderful high note. Richard received his Masters degree in Spirituality and Holistic Health from Holos University Graduate Seminary. The April 1st Graduation Ceremony was held in the Fillmore Chapel at the Unity Village campus in Missouri. Richard's series of four Masters Essays explored various aspects of the Star Journey method.


In the photo, Richard receives his Masters diploma from Oliver London, Professor and Provost of the university. At left is Dean of Students Bob Nunley, Chairman of Richard's Faculty Committee and his Student Advisor.

Link to Geer's complete Masters Essays on Holos website:


The event was an opportunity for Richard to give an introductory talk to attendees on the Star Journey method and model. The following evening, he gave a 90-minute presentation for faculty and students attending Holos Spring Campus Week.

April – Part Two!

Other great news followed the Graduation story. Richard was accepted to the position of Adjunct Faculty at the University of North Carolina–Charlotte. This was indeed an honor, and it will assure his continued educational work teaching Star Journey method to UNCC graduate nursing students. Thank you, Professor of Nursing Dr. Sonya Hardin for spearheading this effort!


Richard Geer
April 26, 2012 - 18:07

Star Journey symbol method made a debut at the TSC Conference last week in Tucson. The 10th Biennial international  "Toward a Science of Consciousness" conference sponsored by the University of Arizona was held April 9–14 at Loews Ventana Resort Hotel. An estimated 500 attendees included researchers, authors and students representing many disciplines, all with interest in the nature of human consciousness, ranging from the scientific to the spiritual.

Richard Geer had the opportunity to meet best-selling author Deepak Chopra, one of the keynote speakers at the Opening Session on April 10. Geer also shared his latest book with Chopra. The Star Journey demonstration team included psycho-therapist Gerry Marr, MA, MFT of Santa Barbara, CA and top educator Sonya Hardin, PhD, RN of the University of North Carolina–Charlotte (both shown in photo below), along with remote participation by Linda Lott, RN, of Salt Lake City, UT and Vanessa Taylor of Adelaide, South Australia.


Star Journey was displayed in a Poster Session as well as in an Art/Tech/Health Demo session on April 11 and again on April 13. Attendees could browse the poster "A New Tool for Charting Levels of Consciousness," and members of the team also demonstrated the process of using of Star Journey method and its symbols. Part of the display was a another large poster showing the virtual world version of Star Journey in Second Life. Attendees were also able to view live interaction on the three-dimensional Star Journey "island" projected in the room.

In addition, Gerry Marr's own work was shown in a Poster Session: "Elemental Archetypes – Applying the Ayurvedic 5-Element System to Western Archetypes", which was also well received by conference attendees.

View the Posters:

Star Journey –
Model of consciousness:

Displaying virtual world version:

Elemental Archetypes (G. Marr):

Other Links:

TSC Conference website:

Art/Tech/Health Demo Sessions:




Richard Geer
April 18, 2012 - 17:57