New Tool for Members – The Personal Portrait

We've just launched the new Personal Portrait on the website! Choose Star Journey Symbols from each of the system's seven Levels of Living. Use the Portrait in a reflective moment to describe your current status. Take the pulse of your personal viewpoint and explore this at various levels of experience. Add your own notes on each selected symbol as to why you choose it. 

Symbols in the Portrait will describe these factors: the energy you feel around you, your take on current conditions, how you want to express yourself, talents you are developing, what is challenging you, approaches you want to adopt, and the reward you seek.

You can also "Save to My Diary", to keep a record of your Portrait and add journaling. When you create another Portrait at a later time, you'll be able to compare and see how you've grown. The User Guide explains all the steps.

The Personal Portrait is also a great way to tell friends about your own personality, perspective and desires. Share it with them!

We think you'll really enjoy this new tool for Inner Circle members. Remember, the first 30 days of membership are free, with a modest $2.99 per month thereafter. You may cancel at any time. If you have any questiond or concerns, please Contact us to assist.