New Tool - Manage Life's Changes Using The Transition Journey





















We've just rolled out another helpful tool on the website! Use the new TRANSITION JOURNEY to aid in dealing with any situation in your life that involves change. 

Explore where you currently are (I AM) and where you want to be (I WANT). Discover what is HELPING and what is DISTRACTING you from your goal. Follow the steps of the Guided Process in User Guide to builld your own interpretation and develop a plan of action for attaining what you seek. A sample Journey is shown above, but users get their own unique set of symbols when they click the DEAL button.

Also, you can "Save to My Diary" a record of any Transition Journey you do ... plus add notes and journaling. The "Diary of Discovery" now has the option to Share a record with a friend, via email or posting on Facebook or other social media. (You can even change your mind later, and un-share a record.)

We think you'll really enjoy this new tool available for Inner Circle members. Remember, the first 30 days of membership are free, then a modest $2.99 per month thereafter. You may cancel at any time. If you have any questiond or concerns, please Contact us to assist.