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July 5, 2016

Your ability to influence may be greater than you think. In all of us are qualities like those symbolized by The Crown in Star Journey. This is the symbol of true leadership and guidance, of providing direction that comes straight from the heart. People listen to what you say, what you think, no matter what it may seem. Know that by your own sincere striving to be good, others see, hear, and take heed. The truer you are to your path, the more valued you are as a leader for others.  



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The Saturday April 14th artist reception for Fuschia Nightfire was not only a great party with great art, but it also resulted in a fantastic video. Check it out. Whirli Placebo provided the live tunes, and a rockin' good time was had by all.

This event showcases the dynamic artist program in Star Journey. The 12 Gateway Galleries represent the underlying themes of the island, and artists are selected whose work fits the mood of a theme and gallery. A revolving schedule provides variety throughout the year.

Read more about artist Fuschia (aka Nina Camplin):

For more information, contact Sandralee Palianta, Star Journey's Gallery Curator in Second Life.

Richard Geer
April 16, 2012 - 06:43


We're pleased to announce Star Journey Symbol Method is on several parts of the program of the upcoming "Toward A Science of Consciousness" (TSC) Conference. This is the 10th bi-annual international symposium sponsored by the University of Arizona. The conference features advances in consciousness studies from authors, experts and researchers from around the world. The conference will be held April 9–14 in Tucson, Arizona.

You'll find Star Journey on the program in these areas:

  • Poster Sessions, Star Journey method presented as "Exploration of a New Tool to Chart Levels of Consciousness," Wednesday and Friday evenings, April 11 and 13. This emphasizes the method's defining a set of seven distinct levels of conscious experience.
  • Art/Tech/Health Demo Sessions, displaying the interactive version of Star Journey an an experiential island in virtual world Second Life, Wednesday and Friday evenings, April 11 and 13
  • Panel Discussion, Forum on Eastern Philosophies and Related (Gerry Marr), Monday afternoon, April 9
  • Poster Session (on Elemental Archetypes, Gerry Marr) Friday evening, April 13


Presentors for Star Journey will be author Richard Geer, MTh and senior faciltators Gerry Marr, MA , MFT; Sonya Hardin, PhD, RN, University of North Carolina–Charlotte; and Linda Lott, RN.


TSC Conference website:

Art/Tech/Health Demo Sessions:

Richard Geer
March 22, 2012 - 11:17


A special issue of the IEEE Learning Technology newsletter focuses on innovative learning methods in the virtual world environment. An article on Star Journey, and the special learning experience it affords, was one of twelve peer articles chosen for publication in the issue just released for October 2011.

The Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers is a worldwide society, and its Technical Committee on Learning Technology publishes the bi-monthly journal. The special theme was "Virtual Worlds for Academic, Organizational, and Life-Long Learning."

Star Journey provides visitors and students a unique interactive and immersive experience. The 3-D environment was the ideal medium for combining the system's two main components, the set of symbols and a map of their inter-connections, into a three-dimensional island. Here one explores peaceful Gardens, Seas and Stars in the sky above -- all while learning the use of this tool for self-reflection and personal development.

A significant part of this article was a case study of one woman's experience using the "Goal Journey" technique. Her story, her journey, is typical of the kind of insightful and life-affirming experience one can have with Star Journey. This student had such a vivid and positive experience, she created an artwork to show how she used symbols to envision her outcome. Read the full article for the rest of her story.


Download the full publication:








Richard Geer
November 15, 2011 - 16:43








What does a Wand mean to you? Attendees voiced their own varied ideas during the session on Star Journey last week at the 2011 Mentoring Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico. “Magic, Actualizing, Harry Potter, Spell, Talking stick, Getting blessed, Making dreams come true" were some of the associations expressed about the Star Journey symbol Wand. With each response, an attendee was given a long, sparkling star-wand from Star Journey author Richard Geer. 

“Guess what, all of these different responses are right!” Geer told the roomful of people. “Star Journey symbols show how the magic in life really is in YOU. What you think about something is real for you, and that in turn affects your own reality.”

This engaging workshop gave attendees a first hand experience of the tool, learning how utilizing symbols, metaphor, visualization and other techniques in Star Journey aid in the mentoring process. Mentors and mentees can use this method to set goals, explore underlying issues, and consciously create a plan for success. The process emphasizes personal choice and is known for increasing self-direction and confidence.

Richard Geer
October 29, 2011 - 20:03

We've just launched the new Personal Portrait on the website! Choose Star Journey Symbols from each of the system's seven Levels of Living. Use the Portrait in a reflective moment to describe your current status. Take the pulse of your personal viewpoint and explore this at various levels of experience. Add your own notes on each selected symbol as to why you choose it. 

Symbols in the Portrait will describe these factors: the energy you feel around you, your take on current conditions, how you want to express yourself, talents you are developing, what is challenging you, approaches you want to adopt, and the reward you seek.

You can also "Save to My Diary", to keep a record of your Portrait and add journaling. When you create another Portrait at a later time, you'll be able to compare and see how you've grown. The User Guide explains all the steps.

The Personal Portrait is also a great way to tell friends about your own personality, perspective and desires. Share it with them!

We think you'll really enjoy this new tool for Inner Circle members. Remember, the first 30 days of membership are free, with a modest $2.99 per month thereafter. You may cancel at any time. If you have any questiond or concerns, please Contact us to assist.


Richard Geer
September 23, 2011 - 18:24







The importance of mentoring and coaching continues to grow. We've just learned a session on Star Journey will be on the program of the 2011 National Mentoring Conference in October. Entitled "Exploration of a Strategy for Success," the presentation will show mentoring experts from many fields how Star Journey is an effective new tool for helping students with personal growth and adapting to change during times of uncertainty.

Participants will enjoy a first-hand, interactive experience using Star Journey symbols along with its guided process. Mental processes such as free association and creative visualization help both mentor and student identify and articulate issues and then create a plan for positive and constructive growth. The use of symbols, metaphor and guided imagery lead one to deeper awareness.

Leading the presentation will be Star Journey author Richard Geer; Sonya Hardin, PhD, Professor of Nursing, University of North Carolina–Charlotte; Gerry Marr, MA, MFT therapist and counselor; and Linda Lott, RN, Star Journey facilitator.

Richard Geer
August 21, 2011 - 16:49

















For members of Star Journey's Inner Circle, you now have a cool new feature. The "Save to My Diary" option saves a visual record of the Goal Journey "game of meaning" from the Online Symbol Set (Online Tools). It creates a new page in the member's private Diary of Discovery. Then you can type in your topic and journal about your interpretation of symbols as well as other comments you want to save.

This step is one of several upgrades being added for members of the Star Journey website. In the coming weeks, watch for word on the Personal Portrait, describing your status using Symbols at each Level of Living.

Also coming is the Relationship Linking tool, which allows you and a partner to explore the relationship and discover a new element that can be added to improve your situation.

To join the Inner Circle membership, go to Products. Remember, the first 30 days is Free!

Richard Geer
July 7, 2011 - 19:34


What nurse wouldn’t smile when given a rose? There were a lot of smiling faces in the audience last Sunday at the annual conference of the American Holistic Nurses Association held in Louisville, KY, June 1-5. Dr. Sonya Hardin and author Richard Geer were presenting their session on Star Journey, the method for reflection and self care.

As each attendee called out a word they associated with the Star Journey symbol of the Rose, Richard would present that nurse a single rose from a vase full of roses. “Unfolding,” “Valentines,” “Boyfriend,” “Divine Feminine,” “Thorns,” and “Music” were a few of the many thoughts expressed about a rose.

"When using Star Journey symbols, all your associations are valid," explained Richard, "Trusting your own thoughts and intuition can lead to rich meaning and personal insight."

Sonya Hardin, PhD, Professor of Nursing at University of North Carolina–Charlotte, pointed out she has been using the Star Journey method as part of her curriculum for graduate nursing students since early 2010.

“Since Star Journey helps a person gain deeper personal understanding,” said Sonya, "nursing students learn more about how to achieve their own wholeness. This tool has helped them be better prepared to truly help others and also to avoid burn out. I am so pleased with the growth I've seen in my students as a result of Richard's classes.”

Richard Geer
June 8, 2011 - 12:13

Check out the new video of interview of Richard Geer about his latest book Star Journey – A Cosmology of Self. The 18-minute video is an excellent orientation to Star Journey and discusses the book as the written core of this multi-platform tool.

Richard Geer
May 15, 2011 - 16:51

Educators had the opportuity to attend any of three sessions about Star Journey at the "Teaching and Learning with Technology" Conference held last week in Second Life, organized by University of North Carolina–Pembroke. Guests gathered in a special meeting area, a platform floating above the center of Star Journey island. In every direction, one could look out and see Gardens, Seas, and interactive Symbols that populate the island.

Co-presenting were Dr. Sonya Hardin, associate nursing professor at UNC, and Richard Geer, Star Journey author and developer. Attendees got a first-hand experience of this tool for self reflection. A volunteer from the audience solved a real life problem, through a guided process led by Richard.

Sonya Hardin shared experiences of her graduate nursing students who attended Star Journey sessions for credit. She read excerpts from several student papers which were quite moving. It was clear that Star Journey had added to their own personal growth and as well as better preparing them to care for others.

Richard Geer
April 19, 2011 - 14:52