Star Journey – A Cosmology of Self









Star Journey – A Cosmology of Self



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1st Edition – E-book

"The Symbolic Map of The Self"

Learn all about Star Journey symbol system, as a new map of consciousness and as a practical tool for decision-making. Author Richard Geer explains the concepts involed in system, and gives detailed how-to for using Symbols for self reflection and insights. Read the "Symbolic Journey of The Self," a journey through the system's 96 symbols, each with its own voice, each depicting a timeless facet of the self.

The book can be read as a stand-alone, and it also supports all the other versions and formats of Star Journey system.


Using Star Journey exercises your mind and expands its abilities. Through this experience, you become more aware of, and add to, what is in your conscious thought. You will also acquire advanced abilities of understanding, or knowing — outside normal, waking awareness — and learn how to gain access to them.

So often you hear the phrases “making gut-level decisions,” and “doing something because it simply feels right.” Do you often make choices because they clearly seemed like the right thing to do at the time, though there seem to be no words to express why? Researchers have learned much about the human mind. They now believe the left hemisphere of the brain represents cognitive reasoning — the more systematic, linear, structured types of thinking.

The right hemisphere attributes to non-linear, spacial, associative and intuitive types of thought. Both types of thinking are needed to fully interpret life’s events, yet few of us understand our own intuitive abilities.

Star Journey helps you understand the principle of synchronicity and shows how to tap innate intuition. The subtler workings of the mind become more clear and easier to access, and they complement rational thought. The result is fuller awareness by using the whole mind.

In experiencing Star Journey, one learns that how you see the world shapes much of your experience. The more aware you are, the more power you have to shape the life you want it.




          “Star Journey — A Cosmology of Self” downloadable e-book, 314 pages, full color.

Price: $4.95