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Here's our line-up of Star Journey books, tools and services. Find the items that work best for you. Use the core set of 96 symbol cards right online for insights at your fingertips. Read author Richard Geer's latest book: "Star Journey – A Cosmology of Self." And now available: Star Journey App for iPhone. Join the growing Inner Circle membership for many benefits. For questions, just contact us.


Problem Solving At Your Fingertips

Get insights right online. Access the Star Journey 96 Symbols. Use them to take "The Goal Journey" technique to get valuable insights and inspiration. The symbols are colorful, simple to use, and rich with meaning. FIRST 10 USES ARE FREE!

Special price $2.99

Lifetime access

New 2nd Edition, available in Paperback!!!

Gain new clarity and insights using the Star Journey symbol method. Now explore author Richard Geer’s new 2nd edition of his latest book, a complete guide to using the Star Journey tool for self-reflection. This book includes:

  • Working with synchronicity and intuition to enrich life experience.

  • Learning the Goal Journey technique, to solve problems, make decisions and explore relationships. Use as a stand-alone or with other formats of the tool.

  • New ways to define personal experience, including 7 Levels of Conciousness.

  • In the core material “The Symbolic Journey of the Self,” rich narrative text brings the tool’s 96 symbols to life, each one telling of a step along a timeless path of personal growth and development.


1st Edition – E-book


"The Symbolic Map of The Self"


Learn all about Star Journey symbol method, as a new map of consciousness and as a practical tool for decision-making. Author Richard Geer explains the concepts involed in system, and gives detailed how-to for using Symbols for self reflection and insights. Read the "Symbolic Journey of The Self," a journey through the system's 96 symbols, each with its own voice, each depicting a timeless facet of the self.




Fall 2008, 314 pages, Full-color, Downloadable E-book

Now portable – use on the go!

Star Journey is now portable, so getting insights can be yours "on the go." In a cafe or riding a train, you can solve a problem, make a decision, or jumpstart ideas about a challenge. Use on to get clarity about love, work, career, money, health and more. 

The Star Journey app was designed by Robert McNally, who has been creating imaginative computer software for over 30 years. Robert presents the symbol cards in a very elegant and dynamic way. Guided instructions included. For iPhone, iPod Touch, looks great on iPad!


The Maximum Value

Join the growing ranks of the Star Journey website membership. For a modest monthly subscription, you’ll have full use of our Online Tools plus be kept abreast of all new developments and provided special accesses. In addition, you will be personally helping support the expansion of an important tool to help people help themselves.

Inner Circle member benefits include:

  • NEW – The Transition Journey – Use this newly developed technique to explore any part of your life where you are dealing with change or transition. You'll uncover key dynamics involved and through the Guided Process develop a positive plan of action for reaching what you want. See more...
  • The Personal Portrait. A tool where you choose Star Journey Symbols to describe your current status. Use the Portrait in a reflective moment. Take the pulse of your viewpoint and explore this at seven different Levels of Living. Add your own notes on each selected symbol as to why you choose it. See more...
  • Take the Goal Journey – The basic tooll along with a Guided Process for problem solving and decision making. Explore the set of Star Journey symbols online, discover the Goal, Problem and You Now about a personal topic.
  • Diary of Discovery – Your online private journal to record experiences with Star Journey, including saving records of your 3-symbol Goal Journeys and your Personal Portraits for comparison over time. In the Diary, you can journal your thoughts as much as you like.
  • Member’s Forum – A place to exchange Q&A’s with the author and other contributors. Learn from what others are sharing about use and applications of Star Journey.
  • Special Introductory prices to new products.
  • Early Bird invitations to events in real life and in virtual world Second Life.


Limited Quantities

Enjoy holding and using the physical Star Journey cards. Take advantage of a very limited number of early edition printed decks. 

Set of 96 Symbol Cards, full-color on both sides, in a drawstring bag. Includes instructions for the Goal Journey method for solving problems, making decisions, exploring relationship.

Early Edition Book

For many a collector’s item. Written in 1984 this was author Geer’s first full guide to the then newly published Star+Gate Symbol Cards and Circle Pattern. Book also includes detailed Story section on how the system was conceived and developed. Introduction by Caroline Myss, author Defying Gravity (Hay House Publishers, 2009)

First Edition Book

Originally published under the poetic name Herbourg Manipulator Aleph. Book features author Richard Geer's hand-drawn card artwork in pen and ink. Symbols are expressed in poetry and patterns of stars. Original deck no longer exists. Copied set is all that remains.

45 pages, Pub. 1969, $29.95