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"We're striving to build more tools in the online format for members, where it's more convenient for many, and the symbols go beyond the idea of simpy being cards. Join us, and help us make the online experience a rewarding one!"


Richard H. Geer
Star Journey Author

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Join the growing ranks of the Star Journey website membership. For a modest monthly subscription, you’ll get full access to our Online Tools and be kept abreast of new developments.

Inner Circle member benefits include:

  • NEW – The Transition Journey – Use this newly developed technique to explore any part of your life where you are dealing with change or transition. You'll uncover key dynamics involved and through the Guided Process develop a positive plan of action for reaching what you want. See more...
  • The Personal PortraitA tool for using Star Journey Symbols to describe your current status. Use the Portrait in a reflective moment. Take the pulse of your viewpoint and explore this at seven different Levels of Consciousness. Add your own notes on each selected symbol as to why you choose it. This can also be shared to others. See more...
  • The Goal Journey – Use this basic technique along with the Guided Process for problem solving or decision making. Explore the Star Journey symbols online. Discover the Goal, Problem and You Now about a personal topic.
  • Diary of Discovery – Your online private journal to record experiences with Star Journey, including saving records of all of your Journeys and your Personal Portraits for comparison over time. In the Diary, you can journal your thoughts as much as you like. You can also share an entry with a friend if you wish.
  • Member’s Forum – Exchange Q&A’s with the author and other contributors. Learn from what others are sharing about use and applications of Star Journey.
  • Special Introductory prices to new products.
  • Early Bird invitations to events in real life and in virtual world Second Life.



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