Amazing Artists

Creative Minds Add Richness to Star Journey

Star Journey proudly supports the arts by exhibiting artists in virtual world Second Life. Artists show their work in twelve Gateway Galleries on Star Journey island. Art is selected for content that echoes the themes of these entry areas to the island. A revolving schedule assures an ongoing flow of new artwork. Below are the current artists on display. Some have both RL and SL artwork available.

Nina Camplin a.k.a Fuschia Nightfire

Fuschia Nightfire (known in real life as Nina Camplin) is a mural artist specialising in trompe l'oeil. She is interested in challenging the viewer's perception of space and creating illusions of faked realities. Living in Dorset on the South Coast of the UK, many of her real life paintings feature the sea and the nearby heathland. Fuschia is using Second Life as an alternative medium for creating art and exploring ways of making illusions of false realities in a virtual world.

Fuschia's statement about her exhibit:

Elements of Life by Elin Egoyan

In the exhibition ‘Elements to Life’ Elin takes you on a stroll through some aspects of her artistic life(s). A life that started about 20 years ago with a pencil, soft pastel crayon and her fingers as tools. Finally after a long time ignoring her desire to draw (teenagers are busy with far more ‘important’ things of course), she gave in and really got the hang of it!

Living in Switzerland, SkyBlue Earthboy is a watercolour painter who paints many different themes of nature and angels, but he always paint the light. Visit this most unique exhibit and make sure you take home the special FREE gift that SkyBlue has made.

SkyBlue loves water and only paints with watercolour. The light, flow and transparency of the medium fascinates him. He's been an artist for over 20 years, and his art has spread out to clients in England, Germany, Holland, Switzerland... and now SL.

We are very pleased to be showing the work of Sandralee. True to the original concept of our Gateway Galleries, the artist has created paintings that are her own interpretations of the symbols that are part of theme The Perfect Form in Star Journey. Above you can see how she depicts the energies of the Star of Austerity and Star of Independence, also other symbols including The Field and The Fog. Sandralee has included other artwork of hers as well, all cleverly executed with Sharpie markers and many with the bold use of color.

Here is the Artist's Statement:

Queen Edman's art and sculpture fill the Gateway Gallery of The Spirit Incarnate. Queen's statement is below.

Welcome to my gallery.

Here’s a little bit of dirt on me (lol).

Born and raised on the eastcoast USA. I'm 43 ughhhhhh.

I actually joined SL twice. The first time I tried it I had no clue what I was doing and I believe I lasted about an hour. Two weeks later with the help of a friend I rejoined SL and it’s been almost 2 years now that I've been here; my born on date is 5/6/2007 (no parties please) lol.

Photo of Skylarian

The compelling work of artist Skylarian Isachenko (Marion Z. Skydancer) is now on display in Star Journey's Gateway Gallery of The Dissolution. Here is the artist's statement:

Dragon's Chyld Studio is the working business and studio of Marion Z. Skydancer. Marion works with many different artists, models, performing artists and awareness groups to promote, develop and explore the arts through interaction, community involvement, collaborative creativity and generally awareness projects.

We're very pleased to be showing the work of SL artist Gleman Jun, now on display in the Gateway Gallery of the Unification. Most pieces include animated movement; some even interact with the viewer. Gleman's theme is "Convey depth through lightness." Here is his statement:

After finishing his modelling studies at Second Learning (Italy) and some experience as a builder, he decided to completely devote himself to Art, the great passion he has shown since his childhood in RL. Fostered by the art dealer of Second Learning, Mr. Lion Igaly, he held his first building exhibition in "La Piramide" at the age of 4 months. The good results achieved on that occasion gave him the motivation to attempt this kind of activity.

Filthy's paintings from real life are currently on display in the Gateway Gallery of The Motion.


Here is the Artist's Statement:

I've been making art from my imagination for as long as I can remember. I create symbols, textures, imagery, text and composition that merge into something cohesive enough to tell a story. It's also important for me to embrace and celebrate the qualities of whichever medium I'm using.

Photo of Quadrapop

The new artist showing in the Gallery of The Perfect Union starting August, 2009 is Quadrapop Lane of Austalia. Her pieces are fascinating 3D shapes of scripted design and color. Please come see!

Here is the Artist's Statement:

In July of 2007, I finally decided to see what my friend Wolfie Rankin had been raving about on an email list for the last 6 months and gave SL a try... I'm still here and have been inworld almost every day since. 

The bright and engaging art of Sachi Nozaki is now on display at the Gateway Gallery of The Matrix. She even made a special sculpture of a light emanating from a dark cupboard, an analogy from Geer's Star Journey Cosmology book! 

Photo of Genevieve

Star Journey is pleased to be showing the multi-media artwork of Genevieve Silvercloud (Gen Montreuil) of Toronto, Canada, artist in both real life and Second Life. Her work is on display in the Gateway Gallery of The First Cause. Here is the Artist's Statement:


Beertje’s work is real life art which she sells in her own SL gallery as well as through the show in Star Journey. An artist for twenty years, Beertje says that her work is inpired by her own life. She is showing both mixed media paintings as well as photographs.

Artist’s statement:
My philosophy is to provide emotions in all my designs. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. And don’t hesitate to tell me your opinion.

Hunter's compelling art and sculpture are currently on display in the Gateway Gallery of the Power. His bio/statement is below:

Hunter Stern: is an accomplished Columnist and Author and had been featured in such news magazines as Diversity Newsmagazine. He worked as an assistant at Lewis Clark State College Media Center in fields ranging from printing, advertisements/brochures, library resources, and computer multi-medi (Apple Platforms) (1985-1987). He provided Independant Media consulting for the State of Idaho Health and Human Services program(s).

The playful artwork/sculptures of Lawndart Curtiss are currently on display in the Gateway Gallery of The Motion. Here is the artist's statement:

Born from the desire to express a thought or tell a story in the fewest simple lines, my RL stick figure series is titled "Struggle of Life."

It was the desire to blend my RL art with SL that led me to the 3D stick figures that are popping up all over SL.

The art, photographs and dimensional pieces of Obi are all on display in the Gateway Gallery of The Illumination. You'll find them on several floors, down passageways, and don't miss peering into his amazing table pieces. Clever man! 

Here is the Artist's Statement:

Obi Woebegone's flesh alt likes to play with light - bending in, bouncing it, and catching it again. In this show you will find experiments with lumen prints (print out photograms), refraction photograms, diffusion in liquids and other fun images along with some plain and quite normal photographs, both film and digital captures.

Miro’s work is currently on display in Star Journey’s Gateway Gallery: The Perfect Form. Here is the artist’s statement:

I am a digital artist; I create images using Poser and Vue 6 Infinite. My work is dedicated to erotic male nudes.

The artwork, sculpture and poetry of Priceless Fall were shown in the Gateway Gallery of The Perfect Union in early 2009.

Here is the Artist's Statement: